Cancer support gift
Cancer support gift
Cancer support gift
Spill The T Box
Cancer support gift
Cancer support gift
Spill The T Box
Spill The T Box

Spill The T Box

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Come on, spill the T!

Because a problem shared is… better shared over tea and bikkies with a proper mate (or a good book).

We all have a tea-and-books person in our lives. And sometimes that person has cancer, which is truly shit, so why not indulge them with their favourite things? This FOC Box works for anyone but is particularly targeted to those going through chemo and other sucky treatments. There's just no way that cancer is anyone's cup of tea (heh), but at least you can help make it a bit easier on them.

Because chemo is yuck on the ol' tummy, I've included a cute caddy of soothing chamomile tea (that I've cleverly named - you're welcome), as well as a beautiful cup and saucer set to drink it from. The hand stamped teaspoon is a reminder to do the things that bring joy, and the infuser brings some sweet Jane Austen style to the whole tea-having experience.

And what's tea without a book? The brilliant Tea & Chemo by Jakie Buxton is a nifty resource for those needing reassurance and advice from someone who's gone through it before. And to round it all out, a comforting candle that adds ambience and all-round nice vibes, sans silly inspo quote.

Especially if you can’t be there, or your BFF needs some alone time with a good cuppa and an even better book, Spill The T sends your love and all the good reasons for a quiet moment and a bit of escape to the mate you love.

Take tea and tell cancer to fuck right off.

- The most adorable teacup and saucer
- Special hand-stamped teaspoon to remind your friend of all the important things
- Quality tea infuser with Austen-esque style
- Good loose-leaf Chemo Calm-omile tea in a tea caddy
- Tea & Chemo book
- Candle without fluffy inspo quote

All The FOC Box orders include free shipping, because it sucks getting to the checkout and finding extra costs. Boo to that! Bonus: I've included signature on delivery so you know that your gift is received safely.