My Story

I could never have imagined I’d launch a business with the word ‘fuck’ in it… 

but then I didn’t see cancer coming, either.


I know you’re pretty bloody terrified. Of having this huge diagnosis smack you in the face. Or maybe it’s the person you love who has told you what feels like the worst news possible. I know you’re rallying for a fight, itching to take this thing down a notch, feeling like you want to put two middle-fingers up to the Big C.
I know exactly how that feels. I was there. I still am there.

Fuck off cancer!

Cancer Support gift


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2017. When I say that out loud, most people stop like a kangaroo in the headlights – they’ve no idea what to say or do.


But the platitudes were worse.


If one more person tells me to “stay positive” I may need to be restrained.
As if not staying positive will kill me. No, it’s cancer I’m fighting, not my ability to look on the bright side. In fact, I’ve found my sense of humour – at least – is still very much intact.


In May, I celebrated a birthday. # hallefuckinglujah

And I had a giggle – in amongst my presents was a colouring book (with fresh pencils!) of my favourite kid’s movie – Free Willy. My nieces, Evie (3) and Alayna (5) gave them to me because they knew I’d love it. My daughter, Danielle, went over and above. Her gift was a charm bracelet where each charm was a photo of people and creatures close to my heart.


And it got me thinking – why weren’t there practical, heartfelt, but giggle-inducing gifts (cancer support gift) for people with cancer readily available?
Without a flower or bunny or mention of ‘journeys’ and ‘blessings’ in sight. And no bloody facecloths or soft bristle brushes. So, I started a business. Heck, why not? I plan to have plenty more days in me and I fully intend to squeeze in as many good feelings as possible.



Fuck off cancer.


FOC Box Gifts


Where you can send practical gifts combined with something quirky and carefully chosen. Something that’ll make your recipient smile, chortle, or even laugh out loud.


Bonus: and better than a set of steak knives!
Every time you make someone you love smile by saying fuck off cancer with a FOC Box gift
We will give $5 to Love Your Sister  who continue to donate millions to cancer research and generally be gorgeous, brilliant people.


If the word ‘fuck’ offends you, I’ll make you a deal: help FOC Box create playful moments and LYS continue to fund research and when we obliterate this filthy, fucking disease I will stop swearing. Deal? Let’s start here.


FOCing Support – The Extended Team


Danielle – No 1 Daughter
For being the most beautiful, most bright woman in the world


Helen – Sister Extraordinaire
For cooking and delivering food so I can have my Fuck Off Cancer fight on hard!


Fi Fi – Friend and Neighbour
For the walks and knitting classes


Fran – Friend and Name Creator
For taking my Fuck Off Cancer concept and making it marketable by coming up with FOC Box acronym