Hug Your Mug Box
Hug Your Mug Box
Hug Your Mug Box
Hug Your Mug Box

Hug Your Mug Box

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Sometimes a physical hug isn’t possible, whether it’s due to distance or a worldwide bloody pandemic. But you can still give your friend or family member a whole lot of warm fuzzies to help them feel a bit less shit after a cancer diagnosis or treatment.

Who knew you could actually send a whole lotta love in a box?

We did.

Until you get to give them a good squeezin’ in person, the (I Wish I Could) Hug Your Mug Box will tide them over with its glorious assortment of cute accoutrements.

Each item in this box has a special meaning behind it, from the star upon which to make magical wishes, to the heart that offers a token of love, to the string as a symbol of having your shit together, to the kiss for a bit of comfort.

It all comes bundled up in a sweet drawstring bag so your loved one can carry it with them wherever they go and pick the piece they need at any moment. Everything is pocket sized, and can even go safely under their pillow to encourage sweet dreams.

Then there’s the gorgeous mug designed by the equally gorgeous by Cristina Re. Accented in an elegant gold and just the right size (and with the exact right amount of class) this will be your loved one’s new fave. Whether they’re sipping tea during the worst of times or chugging a celebratory whiskey after kicking cancer’s arse, this is sure to infuse their bevvies with a bit of style and attitude.

Affection doesn’t need to be physical for it to be demonstrable.

A good hug and a good mug of tea beats the shit out of cancer.


- Little bag of hugs (use as required)

- Christina Re mug to bring a bit of spark


Little Bag of Hugs is protected by Copyright.



Little Bag of Hugs is not suitable for babies or small children as it contains small parts which could present a choking hazard.

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