Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box
Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box

Bail Out, ‘Blergh’ - Bath Box

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A shower is great for getting clean and all, but a bath? Oh, a bath. Nothing is better for soothing the soul (and soothing the aches and pains of cancer treatments).

For those of you not in the world’s suckiest club, let me tell you the nicknames of the two main chemo treatments: Red Devil and Road Kill. Neither conjure up a particularly good time and in fact are aptly named.

Which is where baths come in.

Whether your beloved mate or family member is feeling like hell or as if they’ve been hit by a truck, bail them out with this bath box that tells the ‘Blerghs’ to bugger right off.  The Bail Out, Blergh Bath Box will wash away the gross medical smells, ease the chemo pains, and leave them with nothing but good fuzzies and super soft skin.

The Calm Bath Salt Soak does exactly what it says on the tin –  nurturing salts ease the body, and the lush scents of chamomile, lavender, sweet orange, and cinnamon will help your loved one feel like the human equivalent of a herbal tea bag (which is a good thing, I swear).

I’ve also included an Ease Magnesium Oil in this box, to magically soothe aching limbs and promote a restful night’s sleep. Then there’s Luna Body Shine Oil, a gorgeously glowing elixir of essential oils that absorb beautifully and make for the softest, most well-nourished skin ever.

You all know I bloody love a candle, so of course I have included one of those, plus a sweet little tube of lip conditioner to relieve the common chemo side effect of hella dry and chapped lips.

Light the candle, fill the bath with all these wondrous goodies, plonk your loved one in there with their lip balm and a good book, and then wait for them to emerge feeling heaps more comforted and relaxed than when they went in.

Send those shitty, blerghy chemo feelings down the drain.

Product information:


- Salt soak, for good feelings

- Magnesium oil, for good health

- Body oil, for good skin

- Lip conditioner, for good smooches

- Candle, for good vibes

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