The Fresh Hell Box
The Fresh Hell Box
The Fresh Hell Box
The Fresh Hell Box
Cancer support gift
The Fresh Hell Box

The Fresh Hell Box

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The Fresh Hell Box.

Because what the fuck, cancer?

You're probably here, looking at this very FOC Box, because someone you love has been newly diagnosed with cancer and all you can think is, "Why them? And what can I do to help?"

Look, this gift won't cure them (sorry). But it will make this stage of their life a hell of a lot more bearable. It will cut through all the platitudes and flowery fluff and bring some comfort and courage at just the right time.

It includes their new favourite mug (which is a gorgeous design by Cristina Re), a snappy keyring that doubles as a reminder that cancer can fuck right off, a little bag of hugs for tough moments when they need some love and reassurance, and a candle that captures the very essence of what FOC Boxes are all about - less of the "journey" bullshit and more of the "well this sucks but let's get though it together and hey, get a whiff of this" kinda jazz.

Sartre reckons hell is other people. I reckon it's cancer. No one wants to go there alone.

- Little bag of hugs (use as required)
- Scented candle with giggle-worthy label
- Christina Re mug complete with a bit-o’-spunk
- Hand-stamped proven-to-provoke-smile keyring
- Sweet little gift card

All The FOC Box orders include free shipping, because it sucks getting to the checkout and finding extra costs. Boo to that! Bonus: I've included signature on delivery so you know that your gift is received safely.