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The BBF Box
The BBF Box
The BBF Box

The BBF Box

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This is the BBF Box. Because I bloody love an acronym.

Here's a little treasure that's perfect for gifting to your Best Bitch Forever.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to get those closest to us during cancer diagnoses and treatments; either you've already gotten them every gift under the sun, or they're a bit overwhelmed, or doilies and dried flowers make them hurl more than the chemo. The BBF Box is a tangible reminder that they're always in the forefront of your mind and that besties stick together. And it's a perfect little something to leave on their coffee table next time you stop by.

The scented candle keeps gross feelings at bay and is best enjoyed during an arvo session of tea and bikkies. Scents are strongly associated with memories, so bring the jokes and the goss and the everyday chats, and this candle will soon be a comforting trigger for friendly feelings. The little bag of hugs is a super handy pocket-sized memento for hospital stays or lonely moments, and any time that your mate needs a reminder that they're supported and loved. And the 50 Shades of FOC fragrance is perfect for a pick-me-up or perk-me-now moment when your bestie is bored of everything smelling clinical. Spray it at anything that looks remotely grey and plastic for instant mood-lifting.

The BBF Box clearly tells your friend:

Cancer is shit, but besties are the shit.

- Little bag of hugs (use as required)
- Scented candle with world’s best labels
- 50 Shades of FOC fragrance
- Sweet little gift card

All The FOC Box orders include free shipping, because it sucks getting to the checkout and finding extra costs. Boo to that! Bonus: I've included signature on delivery so you know that your gift is received safely