Paint by numbers Art kit - Sparrow and the Almond Tree

Paint by numbers Art kit - Sparrow and the Almond Tree

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Feeling shit? Try an art kit.  

The art kit for the not-so-arty, paint by numbers is a guaranteed mood improver and can be done by just about anyone. Your loved one can’t draw a stick figure or colour in the lines? Doesn’t matter. Paint by numbers is still fun.   

Or you know what, maybe your mate with cancer actually IS arty and creative and whimsical and colourful and all of that good stuff, but is feeling too overwhelmed by treatments and the whole staying alive bizzo that they’re not quite ready to pick up their pencils and get doodling like they usually do. Either way: paint by numbers. A winner.  

A practice that’s actually been proven to improve wellbeing, paint by numbers is no longer naff as hell. Well, it’s maybe a little bit naff. But I’m ok with that. It’s something that your person can pick up and put down whenever they need to, it’s a proper kit that comes with everything they need, it’s an opportunity to turn off the ol’ brain and just being doing something simple and fun to get out of the diagnosis/treatments/blah blah sympathy zone, and best of all, it’s a reminder that someone (you!) gives a fuck about them and knew they needed a project. Once they’re done, they get to hang it on the wall as pretty reminder that yeah, cancer bloody well sucks, but they’re still deserving of love and escapism and a bit of fun, and LOOK! They did a thing.  

Bob Ross reckons every day is a good day when you paint. I think he’s right.  

What The Kit Includes:

1 x Paint by Numbers Kit 40 x 50 cm

Our painting by numbers kit includes everything you need to produce your very own masterpiece. The kit comes complete with the following: 

(Note: you don't have to buy anything separately)

  • Pre-Printed Cotton Stretched Canvas on Wooden Internal Frame. The internal wooden frame is pre-assembled(no assembly is required), so all you need to do is to open the packaging box and start painting;
  • Non Toxic Acrylic Paints. All paints are ready to be used, NOmixing of paints is required. Guaranteed no dried paints;
  • 3 x Paint Brushes, in different sizes to improve painting accuracy;
  • Set of Hooks and Screws, so you can hang your artwork after you have completed painting;
  • Instruction and Painting Template, you don't really need this, but we include them anyway free of charge.